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Another line of defence for staff working with rail clients

When it comes to safety, those of you out on site are often most likely to spot ‘accidents waiting to happen’.  Fortunately, we have procedures for you to report issues to us, and most of the time this will be the best way for you to tell us what’s concerning you.  But what if you want to report something and you are worried about how your manager or workmates might react?  Or you’re working on a client site and the concern is about them, but you don’t have access to their reporting channels?  Whatever the reason for it, an unreported issue could lead to an incident carrying a high price tag – human and financial.  You can’t afford to walk by.

So, we have signed up to CIRAS, a confidential reporting line which allows you to report health and safety concerns in complete confidence.  We want to make sure you always have a way to report what’s concerning you – even if you don’t want to reveal who you are.  Although it operates independently, CIRAS is an important part of our safety system because it provides you with a ‘safety net’. 

If you want to use CIRAS, all you need to do is contact them directly (see details below) and they will talk through your concern with you.  They will write a report – minus any information that could identify you – and send it to us.  CIRAS doesn’t investigate or make recommendations - it just brings the concern to light so we can look into it.  We respond directly to them and they share this with you. 

CIRAS will take reports on any health and safety concern.  Common issues people report about include fatigue and rostering, unsafe working practices and issues with equipment.  If in doubt, just get in touch.  If it’s something they can’t help you with, they will advise you on how to deal with it. 

To contact CIRAS – call 0800 4 101 101, report online at www.ciras.org.uk, write to them at Freepost CIRAS, or text 07507 285887


Contact Ciras on Tel: +44 (0)800 4 101 101


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